virtual events

A turning point in possibilities

We are excited to open doors and vibrant new options for online events. We are taking our proven success with in-person events; capturing that same excitement, exhilaration and excellence and translating for online audiences.

Whitelight Consulting.
your trusted virtual event partner

We understand the sense of uncertainty surrounding virtual events, but the WhiteLight Production Crew will be with you at every step of the journey.

Nothing is left to chance, no stone is left unturned.

Unprecedented times call for dependable, well-established solutions and our Production Team bring skills, expertise and extensive industry experience.

Screens are your new medium, so we offer T V-level production standards that will captivate your audience.

We are your crew

Robert Murray, Head of Marketing

First Citizen Finance DAC

I’ve worked with Karen, Con and their team on more than one occasion. This year, being a particularly strange year, unveiled to me a new dimension to this dynamic duo and their extended team. Both their approach and execution to each project, no matter how big or small, is unparalleled. I love working with WhiteLight Consulting. They simply go all-in and the results speak for themselves. 


With our specialist skills and multi-strength backgrounds we know how to captivate an audience.

Get noticed

We produce highly-effective event marketing & PR campaigns, using our experience and contacts to connect your event to your audience.

Trust & Safety

Our clients trust us implicitly; we manage events as if we were managing our own business KPI's.


Our clients know they can always call on us to elaborate, explore or explain a plan. We provide end-to-end partnership and collaboration.

The show must go on

2020 has seen the world stand still, but we understand that strategic business goals can no longer be put on hold.

We are working with our courageous clients to take their show online. Our virtual events are powered by the 3 S’s;
Strategic, Safe, Successful.

Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to a compromise on quality; you can still achieve your high standards with a virtual
solution. Your audience will be engaged and entertained with a truly memorable event.

We are excited to show you how
your event can shine online.

Driving customer success, virtually

Anna Kinnerk, Project Manager

Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards

When COVID-19 struck, Enterprise Ireland faced the prospect of having to cancel our annual Student Entrepreneur Awards Final. Instead, we engaged  WhiteLight Consulting to plan and produce a virtual event.
This was the first time Enterprise Ireland had staged a live online event but the WhiteLight Consulting team instilled a real sense of confidence, right from the start. They listened to our needs and delivered the highest possible level. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience shone throughout the process. 
They took us from running a physical event to staging a highly professional and polished broadcast.


Download our Virtual Playbook

our 7 steps for virtual success

Step 1: research

We never make assumptions on the details. We get to know your audience, stakeholders & objectives and use this to shape the perfect format that will align with your budget.

Step 2: planning

We select all the crucial components from MC, tech team, date, time, duration etc. This is where we breathe early life into your event and you start to see the shape emerge.

Step 3: Marketing plan

We apply our PR & communications expertise to shape a water-tight marketing plan to connect your event to your target market.

Step 4: content creation

Your brand will be illuminated as we start to shape the graphics, video and display elements that will be used at your event.

step 5: technical prep

You will know your running order, right down to the minute. At this stage we will have a perfectly-prepared event ready for broadcast and we can enjoy a seamless dress rehearsal.

step 6: lights, camera, action!

You can sit back, relax and very literally enjoy the show as we take your event to the screens. Your audience will know exactly what to do, your MC's are in place, and you are completely briefed on the running order.

step 7: debrief & follow up

We will maximise your post-event return, making sure we gather all data, viewership information and document all learnings for your future innovation.

Are you ready to be a virtual success?

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